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pet, dog, grooming school in South Dakota

Pet, Dog, & Cat Grooming School
& Salon - Pet Grooming in South Dakota

Our Pet, dog, and cat grooming school in the South Dakota area will be comming soon. However, in the meantime attend our California location. Our staff has years of experience in the pet grooming business and the general business world.

Brushed and groomed, this beautiful dog looks out the window, waiting to be picked up after pet grooming at

WagMyTail, Inc.
Pet & Dog Grooming School
Corporate Headquarters

We will soon expand our operations across the nation and will offer pet & dog grooming, as well as pet & dog grooming school in the South Dakota area.

Pets are groomed in our specialized grooming area by our professionally trained groomers in the pet & dog grooming school in South Dakota.

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Pet & Dog Grooming Salon & School

Phone: 1-888-WAG-MYTAIL
Fax: 1-818-951-4369

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