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A Rewarding Career as a Grooming School


Dear Prospective Pet Grooming School Owner,

Greetings!  My name is Yvonne and I am the president and head grooming instructor for Wag My Tail, pet grooming salon and grooming school located around the Los Angeles area, on the web,

Before we begin, let me ask you one question;

If I was to tell you that you can keep doing exactly what you’ve doing, if you’re an established pet grooming salon, and earn an extra $2795, $5590, $8385, and more, plus additional income from the sale of grooming kits and or grooming DVDs, etc.  Would you say yes?  Well if the answer is YES, then by all means keep reading.......

Let me start by telling you a little bit about Wag My Tail such as when we started, what we’ve done, and why you’re reading this.  I would then explain what this unique opportunity is all about. And I would end it with the procedures needed for you to get involved.

If after reading this proposal you’re convinced that this is for you then please go ahead and follow the procedures to get involved listed below and if not at this time then at least in the future should you decide to become a pet grooming school, you would know me, the company, what we do, and I would appreciate your business anytime, SO LONG AS YOUR DESIRED TERRITORY IS AVAILABLE! 

Thanks for reading,



Wag My Tail Pet Grooming,, was founded in August 2004 in the northeast part of Los Angeles with the philosophy of providing loving, compassionate care to its animal clientele.  Its founder, Yvonne Tannous, comes from a nursing background where she worked hands-on with medical patients on a daily basis.  In doing so, she recognized that patients did much better when they were treated with respect and handled with care and compassion. These simple steps went a long way to relieve the fear and anxiety that many came in with. By applying this same principle to each and every animal client serviced, Wag My Tail has built its reputation as the pet grooming salon where animals ‘enjoy’ spending their time. 

As overall experts and certified instructors in pet grooming, hygiene, and breed-specific care, Wag My Tail has trained hundreds of pet groomers who are now in business today.  Its online pet grooming certification course,, is known, worldwide, with students from as far away as Japan, Malaysia, and Canada making pilgrimages to its L.A. campus to meet its founder and tour the training facility.

Through the services they provide directly to their clients and the ongoing trainings now available through their virtual curriculum, Yvonne’s vision is to elevate the level of care being practiced by dog groomers everywhere, thus enhancing the quality of care for pets and pet owners alike.

The following is what Yvonne, our president and head grooming instructor, has to say:

There is a great demand for qualified pet grooming professionals with veterinarians, animal hospitals, pet shops, pet boutiques, grooming salons, boarding kennels, pet supply stores, animal shelters, and much, much more.  As a result, the demand for qualified pet grooming schools is on the rise. 

There are some mom and pop pet grooming shops advertising that they are a school and rob students of tuition and of proper training, the end result is that the public will have unqualified, poorly trained individuals, providing improper pet grooming and advise to their clients.  Worse yet, the students are paying for inadequate training and consequently becoming free labor to the so called training facility. 

It is the goal of Wag My Tail, Inc.;   to help in facilitating potential qualified pet business to expand into the pet grooming training business.  Wag My Tail, believes that a school’s objective is to provide the training necessary to prepare the student with the skills required to successfully enter into an entry level position as a groomer in the pet grooming industry or to embark on going into business for themselves.

And again, if you are not currently operating a pet grooming salon, that is not a problem!  We will train you from A to Z.”

Note: There are limited territories available!  First come first serve so act now!

Ok!  So, by now, several questions might come to your mind.

  1. What do I receive?
  2. How much does it cost?

We are glad you asked these questions and let us share.  Here is some of what you receive:

 What do I receive?

A comprehensive five week curriculum that you follow to teach your students:

o       Week One:  Pet Hygiene Program.  Over 50 pages of detailed guidelines on the aspects of proper bathing, de-matting, nail clipping, ear care, teeth care, blow drying, parasite identification, and so on.  This section can be taught on its own to individuals who wish to pursue a career as a bather/brusher. Homework handouts for students are included.  A teacher's edition that outlines important points is included.  And more!  Upon completion, the student will become a “Certified Pet hygienist”.  More details on this subject when you join us.

o       Week Two:  Introduction to Clipper Work:  A detailed guideline to clipper work.  The student is introduced to proper clipper and tool maintenance. Students start to perform clipper work on the body only.  Introduction to scissor exercises, groomer vocabulary and breed identification, homework assignments and more.

o       Week Three:  Introduction to Blade lengths.  Over 35 pages of detailed guidelines in understanding blade lengths are included.  Students begin scissor work on body.  They will learn how to trim the feet, feathering, and finishing the body. Introduction to skin disorders and more groomers' vocabulary and breed identification is taught.  Multiple exhibits on body styles, for example, cocker trim, schnauzer, Westies, and so on.

o       Week Four: Introduction to Reverse clipping techniques is introduced. Over 40 pages of detailed understanding of dog health as well as product knowledge is taught.  Introduction to clipping heads.  Student is only clipping half the head after instructor has done the other side. More groomers' vocabulary and breed identification. And more that will be shared with you once you join us!

o       Week Five: Introduction to how to business marketing.  Instructions on where  to look for a job.  More groomer’s vocabulary and breed identification.  The student is now completing a full groom, plus learning to manage more than one pet at a time.  Homework handouts for students. 

o       Five Separate Written Quizzes: outlining previous weeks lecture and aspects on grooming.  Each quiz comes with a teacher's answers sheets.

o       One Written Final: outlining all five quizzes.  Final is taken if one or more quizzes are failed.  Includes one teachers written answer sheet.

o       Forms:  Includes all school policies and procedural forms.  Student code of conduct, release of liability forms, student evaluation forms, registration forms, etc.

Curriculum includes a master bound copy in a three ring binder.  Master copy includes back up copies on CD.   In addition to the curriculum, you will have access to the following:

    Referrals to consultant(s) in helping you acquire state registration.
    Protective territory first come first served so long you qualify.
   Site links on our many corporate websites that already rank high on,, and more.
    All potential students inquiring from your protective territory to the corporate office will be   referred to you.
     Paid commissions on all of our products.  We will discuss this with you.

  1. Access to updated curriculum at no charge.
  2. School Catalog.

And any other form of help that is deemed necessary so long as it is within our control and so long as it doesn’t infringe on our business.


  1. A one time fee of $15,000 is paid upfront.  This fee is for existing grooming salons.  If you’re new to this and wish to enter the pet grooming business, additional fees will apply.
  2. An annual fee of $1000 is paid every year thereafter for the hosting and the maintenance of web presence.

Do Not Wait!  This is an inclusive territory on a first come first served basis.  Let’s get you started.  Please fill out this short form for consideration:

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Tell us about yourself such as experience, web site, years in business, and so on... (required)

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Start a Pet Grooming School - Grooming School Consultant - Dog grooming School consultant - Pet Grooming Business for Sale - Dog Grooming Business for Sale