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This poodle really needed professional grooming.  Here is what this dog looked like before professional pet grooming.

After professional pet grooming, your dog will look great - bathed, styled, and clipped.  Here is a photo of a poodle dog after professional grooming.

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Professional Pet Grooming

Make sure your pet is getting the best possible care and styling techniques with our highly skilled and knowledgeable professional pet groomers

While you might think of grooming a dog as pretty simple, there is actually a great deal to know about it.

  • Professional groomers must learn the character, habits and coat characteristics of many different breeds.
  • They must also know the standards of style and appearance for the various breeds, especially for show animals.
  • To work successfully with dogs and cats, they have to be animal psychologists, understanding how to handle pets with very different personality types and behaviors, making the grooming experience less traumatic for everyone.
  • Finally, they have to be educators, teaching pet owners what they need to do to maintain their pet's grooming and keep their pet healthy and well cared for.

Skilled, Professional Groomers

Your professional groomer is skilled in professional grooming techniques, and uses professional pet salon grooming products and specialized equipment to make your pet dog or cat's grooming appointment safe and comfortable.

Our groomers understand the particular grooming and styling needs of the different breeds of dogs and cats, and can advise you of techniques for home maintenance grooming as well as seasonal grooming needs.

Good Health and Grooming

An added advantage to professional pet grooming is that your groomer is familiar with and can alert you to the symptoms of common medical problems so you can consult with a vet early on, and can also provide special treatments for fleas and ticks, and other health related grooming problems.

Good health and good looks go hand in hand with good grooming ... the best team for accomplishing this is your veterinarian, your WagMyTail professional groomer, and you.

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