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Dog Grooming School Styling the Dog

A qualified dog grooming school will teach you to the proper procedure in styling the dog. Styling the dog is the most important procedure when grooming the dog. The dog needs to look nice for it's owners. Make ure to choose the proper grooming school that will teach you the art of grooming.. Watch the video on styling the dog. It's informative!

Dog Grooming School Styling the Dog - Video by Wag My Tail

Dog Grooming School

Our dog grooming school is designed to certify you in five weeks. We train you in grooming cats as well. A professional pet groomer can earn a well desired income. Work for others or on your own. Call us today to reserve your spot for our dog grooming school.

Tools are Supplied at Our Dog Grooming School

We supply you with the all the tools you need in your learning experience at our dog grooming school. You do not need to provide your own tools.

Dog Grooming School Certification

Once you've completed your studies at our dog grooming school and have demonstrated the ability to groom dogs and cats, Wag My Tail will hand you a certificate.

Call us toll free 1-888-Wag-MyTail


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