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Our mobile dog grooming tools and surface areas are cleaned after every family of pets. Complete sanitized environment.

Our van provides a calm and safe environment in our custom mobile pet salon. It is equipped with top of the line technology.

Our van has central air conditioning and thermostatically controlled heat. It is equipped with a hot water heater to insure comfortable water temperature. We have a hydro surge bathing system that combines the therapeutic concepts of Whirlpool baths and a Jacuzzi spa. Invigorating jet action removes loose hair and dead skin for the healthiest coat possible while massaging away aches and pains.

Used by veterinarians, this non-bacteria harboring stainless steel surface is smooth, allowing us to effectively sanitize between treatments. Spacious interior and a specially selected pet relaxing music will comfort your pet.

Service Area Details

Our mobile groomers are courteous. Your pets are not cooped up in a cage for hours. We start on them right away.

Your pet will not be stressed by other barking dogs. No long six hour days waiting for their pet parents to pick them up. They relax in our climate control and sanitized mobile grooming salon.
We come to you. No rushing back to the salon to pick up your pet and take him home; because hes already home.

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